Connector quality needs strict control

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 Although the connector is small, but it is an integral part of daily life of electronic components. Its role is very simple, is to establish a connection between the different components, set up a bridge of communication, the flow of information or current.

  According to the survey report of professional organization Bishop & Associates, the global connector market has seen a decrease of 3 to 4 sales volume in the first half of 2012 as compared with the same period of 2011 due to the global economic environment. Percentage points, but a clear improvement in the fourth quarter of 2012, the global connector market in 2012 the total sales reached 47.1 billion US dollars, is expected in 2013 connector market sales of 49 billion US dollars, showing a slight growth of 4.2%. In the market supply and demand, the price of connector products is relatively stable, but the business strategy of manufacturers and distributors to conservative, by increasing the number of orders, reduce the amount of orders to avoid risks, thereby enabling the delivery time becomes shorter.

  The quality of the connector directly affects the user's willingness to use and brand reputation, covering many aspects of its complex production process, from product design, material selection, production, testing, packaging, storage and transportation of each step Need strict control, any mistake will directly or indirectly affect the quality of the connector.

  The connector as the core part of the entire interface, its quality is qualified, the performance is stable will make the product life and experience are challenged. As the connector often requires frequent plugging or long time fixed, so different connectors in the production according to the needs of the corresponding test, good structural strength is to protect the stability of the connector, one of the necessary conditions. As a signal transmission and transmission of power connecting parts, you need to have excellent conductivity, if the connector is not strong conductivity, it will greatly affect the transmission efficiency, the resistance of the conductor is too large to make the transmission signal speed decreases, and the result is not The necessary temperature rise, resulting in a lot of energy loss in the transmission process, the quality of the transmission and the rate will have a negative impact.

  In addition to the connector to select high-quality, adaptable raw materials, but also the need to configure a reasonable production processes, only the good design to make the finished connector to play its due performance. In the current situation, there is still room for improvement in our design and processing skills. We can reduce the defective rate through the updating of production equipment and the optimization of the original design, and raise the overall quality of the connector to a higher level. In daily management, we should strictly conduct quality checks on raw material procurement, production and processing, quality inspection and other links, carry out professional training on practical operators, cultivate their sense of responsibility, control at various levels, and ensure that products delivered to customers are excellent quality.






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