Because the sun goes down

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People eat at least three meals a day, that is, three meals a day. From a healthy diet, breakfast should be eaten in a timely manner, the choice of food should be more careful, Chinese food should try to make yourself full, but by the time of dinner, the best is to eat less. Many people do not understand this, why dinner must eat less?

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Because the sun goes down, the human body begins to become weak and is a good time to rest. After dark, the functioning of various organs of the human body begins to decelerate gradually into a comfortable state of rest. So, dinner can not be full. Supper is too full, the body's slow digestion rate will not keep up with the large amount of food workload, resulting in excessive accumulation of food in the body, acidified.

In Chinese medicine, some people say that dinner is a healthy meal. Means eating dinner clever, eat well, there will not be many chronic diseases. Physical acidosis, chronic diseases are produced from dinner. This shows that eating dinner can not eat too full, seven full most suitable. In general, minors should be a bowl of rice or a bowl of porridge, pasta, meat, two vegetables is appropriate. Healthy adults, to 1 bowl and a half bowls of rice is appropriate, not more than 2 bowls. Meat should still adhere to 1 with 2-3 copies of vegetables. The elderly can drink 1 bowl of porridge or eat a bowl of pasta, should not eat too full.

In fact, not only eat less dinner, but also do not eat too much meat and food. Scientists have found that people who eat meat at dinner always have more than three or four times more blood lipids than normal people. If so often, then it is easy to put on high blood lipids and hypertension and other diseases.

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