A million games in the rain

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In the pond of lotus root sprouting stems, until the summer rainy season, the pond full of lotus leaves swaying, endure endure crowded crowded, like many children wearing a green skirt, but hearty laughs in the wind; the lotus pond, some open flowers, some open Wan as holy, exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful. White fairy. Raindrops fell on the funnel-shaped lotus leaves, like pearls glistening in the green world. Some like small insects, some like a transparent band, and some fall from the edge of the leaves in the middle of the lotus leaves. Because of the rain last night, the lotus leaf must grow more exuberant, the lotus must bloom more brilliant new hk company setup.

Think, smiled when heard the two old woman to shore shouted: "ah, peach peach!" Looking at the figure of them walking towards the peach blossom, my eyes were fixed on the new peach trees. They are not far from the place of excitement from the peach dance, chatting about the dishes, a red coat, with black hair, wearing a silver coat, wearing silver haired, relaxed dance, laughter, a happy scenery wine course.

When they are gone, I ride my bike. Can not help but look up carefully. There are not many flowers in this tree. Some bees suck honey around the pink peach blossom to pass the pollen. This powder with white peach blossom, some low head, gentle looking to give it some soil nutrient; standing in the branches, facing the spring breeze, start moving dance, dance a fresh and gorgeous dance; some bud Shi, like a shy girl cardamom, looked at the stop watch passers-by, bow smile, face red, so I thought of his youth, originally, it was so beautiful hong kong serviced apartment harbour view.

The pink one caught the eye in the middle. The peach blossoms were full of branches and seemed to be fuller than the first. Some flowers like a fan, fan page is four peach do, light, bright, cute, smart, delicate, and like a pendant, green receptacle, Pink Agate, really love does not release the "eye". The peach tree is like a giant flower umbrella. The main rod deep black is an umbrella handle, that is to extend support from all sides, the Huan is a peach blossom umbrella color, can not help but praise, a flower umbrella, extraordinary as if done by the spirits created by nature. So, I think of her 20 years, originally, grow beautiful so beautiful.

The distance of the tree makes me enchanted and moved. You see the tree full of peach, a round, one with its pink face decorated with tall body. Carefully look at the flowers, almost all the five petals form. a flower, they are so small, soft, the spring breeze gently blowing, then the whole flower dance, but I think it is more like a baby's skin, powder through a little bit of sentimental Bai Liang. The flowers were blossoming, like a charm, cheerful and gentle about Zhuo, smiling young girl, enthusiasm and passion, the tree flowers, stunning scenery along the lotus pond! So, I'm looking forward to the future, I also grow, so intoxicating beauty.

Because of a rain last night, I guess peach blossom must be brighter and more charming than yesterday. The pond water is green, the fish in the water is golden, the shore willow is green, the sun is warm and transparent, pedestrians wearing clothes of various colours. When I saw the moment of peach blossom, I felt a beautiful and suffocating color between the green earth and the blue sky -- the delicate pink.

At this time, the sun pulled the dark clouds, the warm shine into my heart, last night my heart Yurun color. The spring rain, to the heart of cool, get rid of the shadow of our hearts; spring, to bring vitality to the lotus pond, drive away the winter bleak; rain, to take away the peach blossom, winter depression. My heart is like a spring rain, Mimizaza in my heart jump, jump in the lotus pond is full of peace and vitality, jump heart is full of peach pink burning. Rain is hope, and the lotus pond and peach blossom in the heart are the passion of a beautiful state of mind, and dress up the mood with hope, and ignite the passion with pleasure. Life will surely be better and more pleasant!






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