Morning frost

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Ice dew static pestle, mist clear chaos, once we together hand through the ancient road, now only a lonely figure swimming in the morning! The scattered waves in Figure messy leaves! A hazy autumn, all died in Enron's silence. The quiet beauty of autumn leaves autumn morning is gone in for our love? It can not go back to the youth, it is still used in the ear of the cyclotron master of theology hong kong.

At the moment, perhaps only a beautiful autumn, send for me the last refuge! Flying and as I picked up last one for you shed tears. As everyone knows, the gentle autumn is the falling leaf unable to part haggard, the dim leaves are reluctant to Ling Ling the beautiful autumn. However, in the universe. Static sloshing, long in the world, general feeling saola autumn leaves, lingering fall, is so helpless and sad. Only you, only you, I will abandon the Tanzania in solitary and in autumn, I will resolutely lost in the strange world of mortals, let me for a long time drifting in the remotest corners of the globe have to find the old promise to exchange solemn vows and pledges for many, many years to come wine tasting.

Desperately want to hold back, but like a bubble, a touch on the ashes to ashes, untraceable, like that to reach the unreachable; was to get rid of, but I quietly in the find as the shadow follows the form, when I'm alone, climbed up my mind, idle by moonlight, how my heart. Such a miserable and lonely so I lost you this autumn, and so worried about you, whether to live as in the past in your past, I could not find my lighthouse, can not find the warmth, can only rely on the memory you gave me life Serviced apartment Central.






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