Age has to late autumn

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One step off the field of unmanned path, also do not know looking for something, or just like in the autumn of the last hint of sun found something. The cold wind blows the leaves of the fallen leaves across my eyes, as if to show me what it is. Leaned over, found under the sunset colorful leaves, you are asking me to protest? I'm sorry, in this silence there besides you, if I walk in here in the cold, seems to me only in this silent creak creak. Maybe I feel lonely! See you, then can not resist the temptation to pick up carefully examined, want to discover only your secret wine school.

The spring, summer, autumn and winter have taken away so many secrets of my childhood. I just picked up a falling leaf from the fallen leaves. Childhood dreams like the colorful leaves strewn over the floor, then I unreasonable, just want to hold an umbrella in the rain, quietly waiting for, do not know what is sad, just love to watch the landing Bengjian, just love the rain from the ear, not only can not at that time, I lived close to; do not understand things, just want to erect a wall to hide myself quietly, I do not know what is the escape, just want to do my own king in silence, only willing to do my own dream in a daze, just couldn't resist the desire to hiding energy saving plan.

The wind comes, pick up that piece of the fallen leaves, the wind, you are my first love, happy dancing with you. Suddenly, the wind with my hand leaves roll towards the distant muddy there, I don't know what happened, just quietly accepted the sentence. The cold wind swept over the fallen leaves of the mud and rose again, wandering toward unknown places in the distance. The leaves on the ground covered with mud struggle to continue chasing the wind, but he has no light, only where the swing with, watching the wind in the winter in the lonely away apartment hong kong.

The first snow came in winter, the snow is very beautiful, flying in the air, slowly fell on the fallen leaf. Maybe I can't call it fallen leaves any more! He has nothing to do with the soil, and when the snow approached, he was afraid, afraid that he was contaminated with the purity, afraid of accompanied by snow cold wind, can not give him the answer. Before he could ask what he was, he was buried deep in the snow. The snow was very cold, and he wanted to come from here to the great trees that bred him, where his companions were, and where there was his shelter.

When the early spring sprouted, the warm sunshine moved away the snow, but he could not find his tracks in the still wet soil. The withered leaves may have flashed away only in my memory of the sea. With the flow of time, the leaves of memory may have been buried deep into the corner I have not been able to access. But, in which lonely autumn, the leaves give me warmth, has been in which long winter quietly sprout hope. Sleep in the flash of the picture in the late autumn, see you float to me, and once again hold you in hand, the corners of the mouth will not consciously tilt.

Open your eyes, look at the sunlight scattered in the room, can not wait to find traces of you. Childhood dream, has long been turned into those leaves scattered in my heart that piece of soil. When the clouds cover my eyes, the land where the nutrients grow gives birth to new dreams, turning into bright stars, lighting the future.






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