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Don't know since when, accustomed to pretend, especially pretend to be happy. Put on a smile mask has become a daily routine, over time, become accustomed to camouflage themselves in front of other people. Only in alone the masks, don't have to pretend to be happy.
Saw others will put on a smile. Meet the person, do not want to see more brilliant smile. Pretend to see each other very happy, I was complaining about: how so unlucky will meet him (her). In a hurry and the other a few commonplaces, he laughed and said something to go first. A smile on her face turned to leave, will disappear. Difficult to ask people to help, even if the other party refused and said with a smile that's ok. Leave smile just collapsed, morosely thinking about a solution.
Not happy mood, will put a smiley face, pretend to be happy. In the face of others, even in a bad mood also dare not to show a displeasure of expression on the face, can only use a smile to conceal. In the face of the family, can't show the appearance of the blue, just pretend to be happy, don't let family questions and worry. Wait to be alone, to dare to release their negative emotions. After to vent emotions, to have strength to pretend to be happy again.
Pretend happy, is actually in self-deception. Deceive others happy, in front of others pretend to be friendly, open and bright appearance, to win the goodwill of others. At the same time is also in deceive oneself is very good. Pretend time is long, is not only lying to others, also lying to yourself. Is empty in the heart has not been happy these fake away, it will be more and more, until can not handle the.
Pretend to be happy, it is in hurt yourself. Even if the heart in bleeding, also want to pretend as if nothing had happened, let the wounds of the heart. Wait until the masks, stop pretending the wound has become very serious. The pain can't tell others, only oneself slowly digest, digestion can scar the scar, let oneself scarred. At the time of injury, if I have inadvertently hurt others again, just like in the wound top sa salt, let heart more pain. But I still say nothing, other people don't know, don't know to comfort themselves or their company.
Pretend happy, has become a kind of instinct. Don't want to give others to see their own sad, not willing to share their own mood, is not willing to give others the opportunity to understand their own wounds. All don't want to push yourself to continue to pretend happy, just because don't want to face the others, especially those false concern, and in the face of his cowardice. Pretend happy, is the anesthesia yourself. Stop pretending, the effect of anesthesia is gradually reduced, the pain will be gradually enhanced. Even fear they cannot afford the severe pain, or will choose to hide in no one place to lick their wounds, waiting for the pain of the past.
Pretend happy, is a kind of helpless. Can't give expression to our true mood, is a kind of pain. Really want to talk with people worry, but gave up after experienced too much cold, become no longer believe in others. In the face of other people's concern, just feel is a burden. In order to avoid care, chose to pretend to be happy.
To no longer pretend to be happy, until what time can be free to express true feelings? The answer lies in the heart, just don't know when to open the heart bravely.


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