Don't let the mood for love to pay the water flow

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Time went by, a bit not careful will unconsciously went by.Don't let the mood for love to pay the water, don't stay time lost regret, the time to cherish, not wasted.The life always has this or that kind of regret, the only thing I can do is to use the limited time to minimize the regret.
Since the childhood, I have heard and seen many quotes and self-help articles about cherish the time, also has written a lot of this aspect of the composition.Although I listened carefully, look very detailed, written form, I still can't really feel the urgency of time, still no direction to repeat the day before had done, although know oneself doing meaningless things, but don't know how to change, or can't change, can only let the time to the past.
Bid farewell to childhood, I muddled ground with vision into the pattern of the youth, but at the time of youth is coming to an end only to find their own youth turned out to be so desolate.Perhaps once flourished, but still could not help but cowardly and lazy to destroy, finally became a wasteland, and I still meng however don't know, thought this Duan Qingchun has been busy beautiful mood.When time water washed away my "pattern time", once thought of seeking good only in memory, I just know I have a lot of idea is wrong, there are a lot of things to do before, there are a lot of the opportunity missed, there are a lot of people didn't treasure things, but I understand too late.
Time in a hurry, take away my mood, but luckily didn't take away my hope for the future.I firmly believe in the future days, before I can use the shortest possible time to make up for the missed everything, can even do better than before, let oneself live better.Haven't to lay a solid foundation, however, such ambitions is merely a castle in the air, everything will start all over again.And I cannot afford the frustration and pain, once want to give up, so abandon himself to live in this world, until death coming of that day.
I'm glad I still insist on down, although want to start from scratch, despite the long time lag behind others a long distance, although little, I still did not stop, no was at the mercy of time of my life.I use a firm will demand must be brave, must diligently, already don't have much time for me to fear of failure and lazy, don't work hard is late.Although this period of time had a very hard, but I feel very enrich and steadfast, and before the mood is very different.
People seem to always after losing just will know how to cherish.Youth in the past, to know how much time had a bad, left many regret.Some people learn, redouble our efforts in the next life, no longer to idle away one's time;Some people say to cherish the time, but no action, will have to wait until after losing more and more important in will remove anything.We have heard a lot of truth, but also just listen to, mostly to after experienced, will recall ever heard of, will not regret do not practice the truth, you know after how should make up for.
Perhaps is to miss, and make up the back and forth between, miss after make up, make up for the missed again at the same time.Can learn to cherish before miss, don't let the mood for love to pay water, let youth garden flourish?






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