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"I didn't pick her up," replied the farmer laughingly. "I married her fair and square just as you did your wife a hundred years ago dermes, more or less.  Haven't I as good a right to get married as you had?"
"Oh, I aint a-disputin' yer right, but it seems so kind o' suddint that it's taken what little breath I've left."
"How do you know it's sudden?  Did you go around telling everyone how you were getting on when you were a-courting?"
"Well, I swan!  Yer got me.  'Taint so long ago that I disremember we did it on the sly."
"Well, now, Uncle Jonathan, you've got nothing to say against me for I didn't marry on the sly, although I've gone on the principle that my business wasn't everybody's business.  When I saw your wife about my washing and mending I didn't know I was going to be lucky so soon.  You know you can't marry a woman in this country till reenex cps she's willing.  But tell your wife she shan't lose anything, and the next time I go to town I'll leave that settin' of eggs she wanted.  Now, Jonathan, honor bright, do you feel able to walk home if I give you fifty cents extra?"
"Why, sartinly!  S'pose I'd take yer away on sich a 'casion?  My wife wouldn't let me in if she knowed it."
"Well, you and your wife are good neighbors, and that's more'n I can say for most people in these parts.  Here's the money.  Mrs. Holcroft isn't strong or well enough to talk any tonight.  You got yourself a good supper, didn't you?"
"Yes, yes!  Helped myself bount'fully.  Good night, and good luck ter yer.  I can't help thinkin' it was kind o' suddint though, and then she's sich a sickly lookin' critter.  Hope yer haven't been taken in, but then, as you say, the marryin' business, like other kinds o' business, is a man's own business."
"I hope everyone will take , Uncle Jonathan.  Good night."
Chapter 21 At Home
Alida was not so cold, weary, and almost faint but that she looked around the old kitchen with the strongest interest.  This interest was as unlike Mrs. Mumpson's curiosity as she was unlike the widow.  It is true the thought of self was prominent, yet hers were not selfish thoughts.  There are some blessed natures in the world that in doing the best for themselves do the best that is possible for others.
The genial warmth of the fire was grateful to her chilled and enfeebled frame; the homely kitchen, with its dresser of china ware, its tin closet and pantry, the doors of which old Jonathan had left open, manlike, after helping himself "bount'fully," all suggested more comfort to this pallid bride, sitting there alone, than wealth of ornament in elegant apartments has brought to many others.  She saw her chief domain, not in its coarse and common aspect, but as her vantage ground, from which she could minister to Neo skin lab the comforts of the one who had rescued her.  Few brides would care to enter the kitchen first, but she was pleased; she who had scarcely hoped to smile again looked smilingly around on the quaint, homelike room.

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