strength never to repeat

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When she had finished her prayers for those beneath the roof of Tara, her father, mother, sisters,three dead Artas Robotic Hair Transplant babies and “all the poor souls in Purgatory,” she clasped her white beads between longfingers and began the Rosary, like the rushing of a soft wind, the responses from black throats andwhite throats rolled back:
“Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and at the hour of our death.”
Despite her heartache and the pain of unshed tears, a deep sense of quiet and peace fell uponScarlett as it always did at this hour. Some of the disappointment of the day and the dread of themorrow departed from her, leaving a feeling of hope. It was not the lifting up of her heart to Godthat brought this balm, for religion went no more than lip deep with her. It was the sight of hermother’s serene face upturned to the throne of God and His saints and angels, praying for blessingson those whom she loved. When Ellen intervened with Heaven, Scarlett  disaster recoveryfelt certain that Heavenheard.
Ellen finished and Gerald, who could never find his beads at prayer time, began furtivelycounting his decade on his fingers. As his voice droned on Scarlett’s thoughts strayed, in spite ofherself. She knew she should be examining her conscience. Ellen had taught her that at the end ofeach day it was her duty to examine her conscience thoroughly, to admit her numerous faults andpray to God for forgiveness and them. But Scarlett was examining herheart.
She dropped her head upon her folded hands so that her mother could not see her face, and herthoughts went sadly back to Ashley. How could he be planning to marry Melanie when he reallyloved her, Scarlett? And when he knew how much she loved him? How could he deliberately breakher heart?
Then, suddenly, an idea, shining and new, flashed like a comet through her brain.
“Why, Ashley hasn’t an idea that I’m in love with him!”
She almost gasped aloud in the shock of its unexpectedness. Her mind stood still as if paralyzedfor a long, breathless instant, and then MOOC raced forward.
“How could he know? I’ve always acted so prissy and ladylike and touch-me-not around him heprobably thinks I don’t care a thing about him except as a friend. Yes, that’s why he’s neverspoken! He thinks his love is hopeless. And that’s why he’s looked so—”

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