kindness and friendly interest

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"Why, of course, of course!  You Colocation Servicemust have it exactly to your taste.  Jane, my dear, we must put our minds on coffee and learn precisely how Mr. Holcroft likes it, and when the hired girl comes we must carefully superintend her when she makes it.  By the way, I suppose you will employ my assistant tomorrow, Mr. Holcroft."
"I can't get a girl short of town," was the reply, "and there is so much cream in the dairy that ought to be churned at once that I'll wait till next Monday and take down the butter."
Mrs. Mumpson put on a grave, injured air, and said, "Well," so disapprovingly that it was virtually saying that it was not well at all.  Then, suddenly remembering that this was not good policy, she was soon all smiles and chatter again. "How cozy this is!" she cried, "and how soon one acquires the home feeling!  Why, anyone looking in at the window would think that we were an old established family, and yet this is but our first meal together.  But it won't be the last, Mr. Holcroft.  I cannot make it known to you how your loneliness, which Cousin Lemuel has so feelingly described to me, has affected my feelings.  Cousin Nancy said but this very day that you have had desperate times with all kinds of dreadful creatures.  But all that's past.  Jane and me will give a look of stability and respecterbility to every comer."
"Well, really, Mrs. Mumpson, I don't know who's to come."
"Oh, you'll see!" she replied, wrinkling her thin, blue lips into what was meant for a smile, and nodding her head at him encouragingly reenex facial. "You won't be so isolated no more.  Now that I'm here, with my offspring, your neighbors will feel that they can show you their sympathy.  The most respecterble people in town will call, and your life will grow brighter and brighter; clouds will roll away, and--"
"I hope the neighbors will not be so ill-mannered as to come without being invited," remarked Mr. Holcroft grimly. "It's too late in the day for them to begin now."
"My being here with Jane will make all the difference in the world," resumed Mrs. Mumpson, with as saccharine an expression as she could assume. "They will come out of pure, with the wish to encourage--"
"Mrs. Mumpson," said Holcroft, half desperately, "if anyone comes it'll be out of pure curiosity, and I don't want such company.  Selling enough butter, eggs, and produce to pay expenses will encourage me more than all the people of Oakville, if they should come in a body.  What's the use of talking in this way?  I've done without the neighbors so far, and I'm sure they've been very careful to do without me.  I shall have nothing to do with them except in the way of business, and as I said to you down at Lemuel Weeks's, business must be the first consideration with us all," and he rose from the table.
"Oh, certainly, certainly!" the widow hastened to say, "but then business is like a cloud, and the meetings and greetings of friends is  you beauty hard sella sort of silver lining, you know.  What would the world be without friends--the society of those who take an abiding interest?  Believe me, Mr. Holcroft," she continued, bringing her long, skinny finger impressively down on the table, "you have lived alone so long that you are unable to see the crying needs of your own constitution.  As a Christian man, you require human sympathy and--"

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