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[轉貼] (08-24-06 vs 水手隊) YES 托瑞訪問

(08-24-06 vs 水手隊) YES 托瑞訪問

(托瑞: He was back to his old self today. He threw a lot of fastballs, got a lot of groundballs, got a lot of bad swings. And it looks pretty easy for him, even though we know it isn't.)

托瑞: 今天, 我們熟悉的小民回來了 (借用 Persuader 的譯文).

他投了很多直球, 製造了一堆滾地接殺球, 讓對方打者亂揮棒. 這些看起來是輕輕鬆鬆做到的, 但我們知道其實不簡單.

(記者: How important it is for him, you know, when these (past) couple of starts ...)

記者問, 因為前幾場表現不如預期, 這場比賽是否對王意義重大?

(托瑞: It's truly tough to tell with him, 'cause he never seems to be concerned about his outing. He seems to have a lot of self confidence, and it certainly plays out there tonight.

托瑞: 這很難看出來, 因為他似乎從不為自己場上表現的好壞操太多心. 他看起來很有自信心, 這點在今天的比賽中充分展現出來.

(記者: 15 wins ...? 剩下的聽不清楚.)


(托瑞: Well, that's, I mean, to have this kid come in here and do this, what he's done for us the last year and a half, It certainly is great for us. I mean, the fact that we have these young kids, him, and Robby, and Melky ... They really made a difference in this ballclub.)

托瑞: 是啊! 這個孩子加入球隊以來, 過去一年半所作出的貢獻, 對我們而言, 的確是很棒的.

他, Robby 和 Melky 這些年輕小夥子, 在這個球隊留下了明顯可見的痕跡.

(記者: How big is the bonus that you didn't even need Proctor, or Mariano tonight?)

記者: 今天不需用上天天P 跟 MO, 是另一項利多吧!

(托瑞: Yeah, we got Proctor up there in the seventh, just in the event things got a little shaky. But it was good not to have to go to him. And you know, Myers gave us a big inning in the eighth.

是啊! 第七局時我們讓 Proctor 開始熱身, 只是為了預防情況變得有些棘手. 但不需要用到他是件好事. 當然, 八局時 Myers 的表現也很重要.

(托瑞: ... That big five-run inning was a big help for Wang, and he was great. He went at it, and his pitch count was great, until that seventh inning, and it caught up with him a little bit.)

托瑞: 攻下五分那一局, 對王大有幫助. 他表現得很棒. 他全力以赴, 同時投球數也很精簡. 直到七局時才碰到一點小亂流.

(記者: How important was it that Wang ... got seven innings for you guys?)

記者: 王能投完七局, 對球隊有多麼重要?

(托瑞: Well, it certainly is. Anytime we don't have to go to that bullpen with regularity, it's going to make them better later on, especially the fact that we don't have an off day until Monday. And we played twenty something days by the time we finish this thing. It was hugely imporant for us to get a start like that.)

托瑞: 這當然是很重要啦! 當我們不需要頻繁動用到牛棚時, 只會讓牛棚後來的表現更好.

特別是我們要等到下週一才有休假日, 等到我們打完這輪客場賽時, 已經是連續二十來天出賽了, 在這種請況下, 能夠有像今天這樣的先發局數, 其重要性是不可言喻的.

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