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New definition of “friends”

New definition of “friends”

Recently I read an article about not to call your friends when you are upset or angry.

At first I was quite against what the author says, because I thought friends should be there for each other whenever they need you. Every time when I was upset I thought of calling (or texting) someone to tell them how bad the situation was. Sometimes I felt better after I let it all out. I thought this was a healthier way to deal with my bad emotion.

But after I finish reading this article, I have different thoughts. I realized how unfair I was to the people who had to listen to my complaint. They are my friends, but that doesn’t make them obligate to deal with my sadness or madness. Friends are there to cheer me and encourage my success. Friends are there for me if I need some spiritual support. Friends are there for me if I actually need help.

But if I always put them through what I had experienced, or forced them to “be in my shoes” or “absorb what I spit out”, how cruel and unfair I was to my friends.

This article did make me rethink of the definition of “friends”.

I would like to tell all of my friends how sorry I am to be very cruel to you. I forced you to read or listen to my sad stories and sometimes expected you to give me a hug or say something to make me feel better. Truth is, I was just too childish. I am the only one who is responsible for my bad situation. I should deal with it myself, and try to find a better solution. I should be the person who to cheer myself up and have the wisdom to solve the problem. I can only ask friends to give me suggestions, but they are not obligated to answer to my life issues.

I want to have a better life, and the first step is to stop pitying myself. Focus on the goodness of my life and work on the shortcomings of myself. Be positive and be thankful. I love you all my friends.

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friends are important for every people. they can share with you and you can share with them.

thanks for your sharing