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[轉貼] War in Yemen

War in Yemen

In Yemen, there has been a civil war for three years, something which the UN described as the ‘world’s worst humanitarian crisis’. More than 10,000 people died in this war.

The war is between pro-government, Saudi Arabia-backed coalition and the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels. The Houthis captured the city of Hodeida, which is the chief port of Yemen in 2015.

The Saudi-led coalition is trying to take this city back and launched airstrikes on the city. Fighting in the port prevents food and aid from reaching the country’s civilians, and airstrikes hit schools, hospitals, and even wedding parties. Many Yemeni civilians died.

The Houthis responded by firing long-range missiles at Saudi Arabia.

Difficult words: back (support, help), coalition (a group of people working on a goal), launch (start), prevent from (stop something from happening), civilian (a person who is not in the military).