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[轉貼] Big Hyperloop Capsule

Big Hyperloop Capsule

At an event near Cadiz in Spain, the company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) unveiled its first full-scale passenger capsule.

The company has signed deals with the United Arab Emirates, China and Ukraine and hopes to run services in Spain. The co-founder and CEO of HTT said that a hyperloop between Madrid and Barcelona would cut the journey to 20–25 minutes.

The ‘Hyperloop’ is a new mode of transportation that Elon Musk first proposed in 2012. It has a potential of reaching speeds of up to 1,220 kilometres per hour.

The capsule is now going to Toulouse in southern France for further assembly and testing.

Difficult words: unveil (to show people something new for the first time), capsule (a special type of carriage), CEO (the chief executive officer, the boss), assembly (putting something together, making it).