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[轉貼] Banksy Shocks at Auction

Banksy Shocks at Auction

The painting ‘Girl With Balloon’ by the elusive artist Banksy self-destructed moments after being sold for £1.04m at auction.

There was a shredder embedded in the frame of the painting which turned on after the piece went under the hammer at Sotheby’s auction in London.

People at the auction were shocked. Some thought that the shredding was not real, and that it was all a stunt, but everything was real. The painting, the price and its destruction were all real.

People approached by the media thought that it was original and ingenious – a turning point for art.

Difficult words: elusive (difficult to identify), shredder (a machine for cutting something into pieces), embedded (built-in), go under the hammer (be sold at an auction), stunt (something unusual to attract attention), approached (asked what they think on camera), ingenious (imaginative and creative).