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[轉貼] Fox in a Dishwasher

Fox in a Dishwasher

A fox cub, presumably looking for food, got itself stuck in a dishwasher in a London household. Luckily for it, the owner found it and is a vet.

With years of experience, he could tell that the fox was just a few months old and seemed to be very scared. He removed the dishwasher’s bottom trolley and, after some persuasion with a sweeping brush, the frightened animal crept out of the appliance and made a dash for the garden where people later saw it with its mother.

Difficult words: cub (a baby animal such as a fox or a bear), presumably (probably, what somebody would think), persuasion (persuading somebody – telling him or her to do something), creep (move slowly and carefully), make a dash for (run somewhere suddenly and fast).