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[轉貼] Grenade in the Face

Grenade in the Face

A soldier is lucky to be alive after a 40-millimetre grenade accidentally fired from a grenade launcher and embedded itself in his face.

The terrible accident happened in Colombia and surgeons had to be especially careful with the operation.

The soldier could not be moved to hospital by helicopter due to the risk of the explosive detonating, so an ambulance transferred him in an eight-hour ride to Bogota.

The team of doctors had to improvise and operate outside the hospital to minimise impact on the building in case the grenade exploded. Luckily, the operation was a success and the soldier could reintegrate into his military unit and his family to make a full recovery.

Difficult words: embed (stuck into something), due to (because of), detonate (explode), improvise (make up how to do something), reintegrate (come back into a group).