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[轉貼] Policeman is Like a Dog

Policeman is Like a Dog

Police Constable Hutton and hit team from England were involved in a high-speed chase when they used stinger devices to bring the car to a stop.

The four young people in the vehicle started to run away, but quick thinking and one unusual tactic stopped one man from getting away.

The PC was able to bark so realistically that everyone around thought that he had a trained canine with him. The policeman has been the subject of a fair few jokes since the incident, but who cares if people think that you are barking mad if it means that you get your man?

Difficult words: hit team (specially trained police), chase (driving after somebody to try to catch him or her), stinger devices (tools with a lot of big sharp needles), PC (police constable), canine (a dog), fair (a lot of something), barking mad (very crazy), get your man (catch the bad guy).