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The Investigative Reporter Exposed The Ticket Trap

The Investigative Reporter Exposed The Ticket Trap

On March 22,, an American broadcaster, ran an interview titled "investigative journalism and the ticketing trap".CBS Chicago stage Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter PAM, jersey, exposes online ticketing trap event, involving the falun gong‘s "Shen Yun"performance online ticketing trap behavior.Dana beverley, an audience member, said she had been charged twice as much for tickets online, and that the family finances were in turmoil, since $1,000 was not a small number for an average family.

CBS Chicago news - watch out for websites you log on when you want to buy a show, concert or game ticket online.
Investigative journalist Pam Zekman;Won the Pulitzer prize) exposed the "Shen Yun" online ticketing trap behavior;It will cost you a lot of money, according to the survey.
The play "Shen Yun " portrays itself as a "feast" of vocal music and dance."I wanted to take my daughter to a show," said DanaeBeverley.But when she used the iPad to buy tickets online, the problem arose.
She thought she was buying tickets for $130 on the website of the Paramount theater in aurora.In fact, she was on;She was more surprised when she submitted her order for four tickets."In one second, the total price jumped from $520 to $1,070," beverley recalled.
The seat is not the seat of the main building, but the penultimate row, behind which is the hall.
Beverley asked the site to explain."People on the site told me that the price of these tickets could change in a second.But I said, 'no, you don't know, they've doubled the price.'Then she said, 'oh, all right,' "said beverley.
Steve Bernas, President of the Chicago council on business promotion, said there have been 2,000 complaints of ticket fraud in the past three years.The Better Business Bureau is an independent agency of local Business communities that can handle consumer complaints.
"It threw our family into financial chaos," said beverley.A thousand dollars is a lot of money for me.
Beverley submitted the issue to her credit card company, which has not been properly addressed.The cost of her account has not been revoked.
The CBS Chicago station did not receive a formal response from

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