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[教學] My writer's dream

My writer's dream

I have a newspaper on my desk with my business paper. I sat on the couch and watched it, the newspaper of many years in my head, the black lead with faint scent.

That was years ago. I was 13 or 4 years old and I was in junior high school. I was a thin, shy teenager. My only hobby is writing something in a diary. I think running and ping-pong are physical movements, while writing is the movement of the mind, and both are fun. Then I had a dream that I would grow up to become a writer and write my own words and words into newspapers and books to spread across the north and south. Now I think of it, I feel very funny, after laughing, I feel lost.

I had few other readings except textbooks and Chinese dictionaries. The accidental Chinese teacher will bring a thin "middle school student reading" to the students to see, like a piece of fresh meat in the hungry Wolf pack. I couldn't get it. I took my eyes on the thick Chinese dictionary on the table, turning over 1,700 pages. I decided to memorize it and make a plan. A year on, the Chinese dictionary has been damaged beyond recognition. Many strange and beautiful Chinese characters and words fit into my mind, making me feel a step closer to the writer's dream.

Once I spent a long time writing a composition. Now I remember that it was called "my dream" and I can't remember the contents. That day I had a wild idea that I wanted to turn this into a type of lead, so I copied it all over the paper and put it in an envelope. I borrowed a newspaper from the Chinese teacher and found the address of the newspaper at the foot of the newspaper and wrote the address on the envelope. On the weekend I rode my bike with the letter, and I rode for nearly an hour to the town post office. I carefully tucked it into my mailbox and rode slowly on the boulevard, dreaming that the postman would hand it over to a longtime editor with black-framed glasses. The old editor recognized the truth and smiled a little.

I plucked up the courage to borrow the newspaper from my Chinese teacher again and again, but I found nothing of my own. A month had passed, and when I was about to despair, the letter had changed.

I remember very clearly, that day was Thursday, the third day of the morning was a language lesson, and the sun outside was bright and warm. The Chinese teacher just stepped on the stage, and inexplicably turned his bright eyes on me. He was shaking a newspaper in his hand, as if to announce something to everyone. There was a great silence in the classroom, and the students looked up at him. He cleared his throat and told them in a solemn tone that my composition was published in today's daily newspaper. The eyes of the students gathered on me like lights, and there was a round of applause.

The teacher took the newspaper and read it to everyone. After reading it, he wrote down four groups of obscure words on the blackboard and asked them what they meant. Everyone looked at each other, but no one answered. He came up to me and rubbed his hands on my shabby Chinese dictionary. "my classmates, Chinese is the most beautiful and abundant language in the world," he said. I hope you will love our Chinese and write more and write more in the future.

Soon the newspaper sent me a postage, just enough to buy a pair of pants, but the joy I brought to my life was unforgettable. This joy is the joy of seeing one's dream come out of a small flower.

From then on, the Chinese teacher unstinted to let me see his collection of books, so one of the thick classics came into my life. I also spoke to him about my writer's dream. He was surprised to hear that.

Many years passed, and my dream seemed to be a fantasy. After college, I worked in copywriting, and my writing often changed to lead characters, but it was all commercials. The literary works on my shelves are covered with dust, and my writer's dreams are getting further and further away. I suddenly feel that many years ago the thin dream teenager was drowned by the drink and buried by thick fat.

I think life is also a book, made up of printed pages. Every single page of lead has a dream. It has a story. It contains beautiful, beautiful, and helpless.