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The marriage of li meige made the teacher eat his words again

The marriage of li meige made the teacher eat his words again

Master once said that the only really big disciple repaired to become members of his family, at that time, beautiful song with repairing the assurances said she will marry the master's most ardent disciple.
This is the one that the American song had said at a press conference with the magic arts group. I believe there are many people who share my feelings.
The beautiful song and the beautiful simple, the very loyal to the master, at one time for the master to pass through the pain of the disaster, gave up his career.
In 2015 when the teacher praised the solution disciple has me, he said I walked in the way of cash, the god of prehistoric pledge, walked in the way of god save the degree of sentient beings, and it is the most sincere one. At one point I thought I was close to American song, but eventually she chose to marry someone else.
I recognized the man's shadow as I saw it. That's the son of the master's real estate agent, jack.
, this is jack I know when my father came to the United States, the master is also recommended him to my father, jack's father is greed, just looking for the supply of homes are not suitable for the economic situation of our family.
At that time, my father has been looking for a house to shelter, I can borrow live in jack's home, he looks good, often took me to play in the middle school students party, but I give up after just accepted the solution of this kind of dissolute behavior.
Jack is a financial genius, although he is rich, but he has never done it.
Now I think it's a sad thing to see the American song and jack double.