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The wedding photos appear to be expected

The wedding photos appear to be expected

On May 7, a person familiar with the matter told the BBS that lee's daughter will be married in the near future.
A happy smile on the wedding picture provided by the insider, li appears to be satisfied with the marriage.
The groom was Mr. Tang qi, who had been fired on the Internet. Mr. Tang is said to be a Thai Chinese who has a close relationship with the family.
Tang lee's relationship has been around for a long time, and there have been some changes in the earlier years because of Mr Lee's opposition. Tang qi and li @hon@zhi were very unhappy.
On January 18, 2008, Mr Lee even authorized Chinese net to prominently launched a statement titled "not to lie to market do big @ @ brother @ child should do law", even reprimanded Tang Ji as a "spy".
Tang qi, who was angry, turned his followers into rebels, and there were many unknown secrets on the Internet.
Now, Mr. Tang again holds the beauty, and wonder what's going on between him and Mr. Lee?
In the photo, xiao li has a swollen abdomen, which appears to be still pregnant. It is estimated that tang li and li will make a mature meal of raw rice, so they will have to be married.
The daughter of the main Buddha is quite capable!
Because Li Meige mr.lee's only daughter, also is the future method of wheel @ @ work empire only successor, the combination of Tang Li will round method @ @ work for the future organization far-reaching impact.
The new couple will host a wedding reception on May 13 at 140 kreinon hill road, orange county, New York, where the world's law will gather.
What's going to happen, we'll wait and see!