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The "fake birthday" leaves a lot of hard evidence!

The "fake birthday" leaves a lot of hard evidence!

On May 13, the day for the average person, is a very ordinary day, leave no memory at all, but for the falun gong, it is a special day, because li has claimed that it was his "birthday", and asked disciple group, and organize all kinds of activities, promote the so-called "big day".

In fact, li has was born July 7, 1952, then spread to pretend to be "cosmic Lord Buddha" falun gong, change the date of birth to on May 13, 1951, to suffer from the disease. For all his quibbles, Mr Li could not change the fact that he had tampered with the date of birth. Why? Because of the mountain of evidence, irrefutable!
-- two people
A person's license is a person who knows the truth. Li has tampered with date of birth, and the main witness has two, one is for the birth of Pan Yufang old man, have proved that the precise date of birth, that is, on July 7, 1952; Another was Mr Li's early collaborator, Mr Liu feng-ji, who confirmed Mr Li's motive for tampering with the date of birth, which was the "main Buddha of the universe".

First of all, pan yufang, who was born on July 7, 1952, is not the 13th of May 1951. There are two reasons for this: first, li hongzhi's parents met in the spring of 1951 and married in the fall of 1951. Second, in the summer of 1952, to deliver Pan Yufang to the homes of the lees Lu Shuzhen, due to birth during childbirth, necessity for injection of oxytocin, li has just born smoothly.

Besides, liu feng-li. According to Liu Fengcai in the before and after the three witnesses: li has "mountain" to recall, in May 1992, li has small lake nanhu park in changchun teaches people to exercise, had inquired the Buddha's birthday, we all don't know, li has very anxious, Liu Fengcai just know later, li has to change his own birthday, ready to mountain.
When was li hongzhi born? Why did he change his birthday? It was confirmed by the Chinese people, pan yufang and liu feng, that they formed a combination of people. It is important to point out that after the public identification of pan yufang and liu fengzhi, li hongzhi never raised any objections to the two people, which confirmed their evidence.
-- two pieces of evidence
The so-called physical evidence means that li hongzhi has been able to tamper with the date of birth, and he has the characteristics of immediacy. Material evidence also has two, one is li has old and new two "id card", is a cadre of li has modified the resume, these two material evidence confirmed that li has tampered with the entire process of date of birth.

Look old and new two "id card", the first one was issued on December 31, 1986, have accurate records was born July 7, 1952, the second is to deal with the after tampering with birthday, October 20, 1994, have recorded birth date is May 13, 1951, two new old "id card", by the fact that li has tampered with date of birth.

Take a look at li hongzhi to change the examination table. "And" YiGongDaiGan "become a cadre personnel form" is li has modified, significantly altered, and next to a show that is a record of li has was born July 7, 1952, li has visible after police station to tamper with date of birth, and to tamper with the own archives, is a series of frauds.
It is not difficult to see that li hongzhi's birth date was a planned, premeditated, purposeful behavior. In order to seek personal gain by using a series of fakery, which is to be wrapped up as a "god stick",
Two self-evidence
The so-called self-identification, which is that li hongzhi himself falsified the date of birth, was a non-self-recruiting act, and he sat down directly to the evil of li hongzhi. Li has since the card has two, one is that he's in the "he" of "Mr Li has biographies", another is his self-justification, li has heart in ghosts are fully illustrated.

For the first time, li hongzhi spread the falun gong and launched the biography. Oddly enough, Mr. Li was introducing his birth date by using the brackets to mark "April 8". Where did you introduce your date of birth? Li hongzhi did nothing but suggest to people that there was no silver in the area.

Pretend to be the second time, li has tamper with the date of birth, "the Lord Buddha", a lot of people question, in the face of strong public pressure, he defended in the "my little statement", "some rumors said that I changed my birthday, it's the truth. But, is the government during the cultural revolution, write wrong, my birthday and I just put the birthday to change back to correct the wrong birthday." Ask, change from the cultural revolution to have a birthday, time span up to 20 years, li has a soldier, a job, marriage, etc., in so many important nodes in life, why not change a birthday, just change a birthday during the spread falun gong? And in the dark and in the eighth lunar month?
If you don't know it, don't do it. Li hongzhi falsified the date, passed off as "the main Buddha of the universe", spreading evil teachings, causing thousands of disciples to lose their lives. There is a mountain of evidence, no argument, no denial, no real meaning, only the SINS of li hongzhi.