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The best news of the wedding

The best news of the wedding

Online Revelations Li Meige messages, to get married right away a lot of people attention, we feel very confused: the daughter of li has actually are single for so many years, how suddenly getting married?
Who is the groom? How much the news is true. This is the best time to tell the truth.
Li meige is an introvert as a child. On the family side, from following li hongzhi to the United States, it is also very rich, the appearance level is also very tall. But li's father, li hongzhi, is not simple.
Li has early treating people exercise, often beautiful song li in the side, often said she reaches to heaven, what things have to "consult" Li Meige, even said that the song is his teacher, means that the song is that didn't say anything, just like li has put ear pretend to listen to in the past.
Li meige inherits his father's literary talent and likes to sing and dance. When you're in college, you're talking to a rich 2g friend, which is basically the same as online. Li meige never talks about her background to foreign people, but her boyfriend's house only listens to li meige once in a while to say the falun gong, does not understand, also does not care. After graduation, the couple discussed marriage after marriage, when the man only knew who the father of li meige was.
The man who emigrated to Taiwan in his early years, believed in Christ, knew how much the falun gong was in the Chinese community.
Li has is going to let her daughter to pick up the mantle in the future, in the early years when her daughter to the master's words are never a joke, but unfortunately is a daughter, so has been contemplating the future son-in-law is also the insider, salience.
Beautiful song ever since college, early too accustomed to the day when America world, with their peers, are not interested in dad's falun gong is more and more, to this, li has to see in the eye, also has not been satisfied. Finding a boyfriend, or a Christian, is more popular. But Li Meige attitude is hard, so I have been hesitant, constantly chanting encouraged her daughter to persuade son-in-law also to practice law in the future, also promised to give them in normal institutions arrangement. But these useless, the groom's parents also not, somebody else would not have been short of money, not only faith is a problem, falun gong compound in political inside all day, more make the man feel head is big, and so, to outdo each other, you come to me to, a drag on for years.
Have during that it is better to let the wife and the people around to the beautiful songs about the science of uniting the boy, can look at beautiful song, still with the rich second generation, not the marriage, but don't break up, there is a silent resistance.
Li's younger brother, li donghui, went to Thailand in 1998 to do business in Thailand, and then the financial crisis did not work well, and he had to go to the United States to go to his brother, the head of the buddhist church. But in the long run, over time, between controlling strong dong-hui li and li has also make a not happy from time to time, dong-hui li think li has tube too strict, intervention of buddhist things too much, a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. Now li has age also went up day by day, the body also not before, it is said that should mean, standing a few hours, before circumstances, is now said to also want to "eat ginseng", afterwards the along while just slow to come over.
The biggest headache, of course, is the succession. According to the grapevine, li was scolded by li hongzhi when he was asked to take over the class at the beginning of the year. This matter let li has had the very big touches, think on the question of "successor" cannot be opinionated, also can't again and her daughter so rigid bottom go to, do not have method really, li has just agreed to the daughter of the marriage, but there are conditions, is not can speak out, the news of the especially can not open the information of the bridegroom, it is said that this is also the requirement of the groom's family.
As the Chinese know, there is a lot of confusion in history and a lot of fuss. But the news is worth exploring.