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Xiao Jianhua private brother Xu Xiang

Xiao Jianhua private brother Xu Xiang

Has been arrested for alleged manipulation of the securities market and insider trading in April 29, 2016 was arrested by public security organs, and in January 23, 2017 due to the manipulation of the securities market was sentenced to five and a half years.
Xu Xiang for the sake of self preservation, for Xiao Jianhua. This is an important reason why Xiao Jianhua can be quickly controlled.
If Xiao Jianhua was not controlled in time, the next step of the capital flight plan.
The United States to dominate the world, in addition to the conquest of force, in fact, there is a move more covert more destructive. That is to take advantage of its dollar hegemony. The United States can take advantage of the dollar's appreciation and depreciation of the world to plunder, while creating financial crisis to other countries. The financial crisis evolved into an economic crisis, and finally became a political crisis. The financial crisis in Southeast Asia in 1998.
Once the United States into the interest rate hike, the dollar into the appreciation cycle, for many countries is the beginning of the nightmare. U.S. interest rate hike, the U.S. dollar appreciation, the United States is like starting a strong magnetic field, will attract the world's funds back to the United states. It's like vampires suck. "Bleeding" of the country is weak, either dead, or become a puppet of the United states.
According to the central bank website news, China's foreign exchange reserves in January of $29982, below the expected $3 trillion, to February 2011 to new lows. China's foreign exchange reserves in January decreased by $12 billion 300 million, has declined for seventh consecutive months. Although China's foreign exchange reserves are enough, China's strong economic fundamentals have a strong support for the exchange rate, but still occasionally found in panic spread.
2017, according to expert estimates, the United States will raise interest rates 2 to 3 times. China and the US will launch a decisive battle over exchange rate finance. Behind the decisive battle, but also a decisive battle for national security. If the formation of panic in China, a large number of capital flight, which will bring huge impact on financial security and social stability.
At the critical moment, China can adopt foreign exchange control to prevent capital flight. However, for the financial predators, Xiao Jianhua can use the funds he established network system for many years, broke through the fence. And continue to seek huge profits short rmb.
In fact, this is not the real purpose of the likes of Xiao Jianhua. This is not because he wants to master the United states. This is only a means. The United States will once again have to bring down the Chinese great. China is not chaotic, it can not be reversed. Financial speculators large capital flight, the greater the harm is making panic. To undermine social stability and economic development in a panic, they want to incite the people, the anger against the government. Street politics like Ukraine, color revolution.
Simply speaking, Sino US financial Armageddon, Xiao Jianhua will serve as the ghost China manufacturing internal chaos. The result is, the United States won great China down again. While Xiao Jianhua was making a pot of money, he went up to the top of the political ladder to meet his political ambitions. They don't care China people.
I think are scared.
Fortunately, the General Secretary Xi, timely with the likes of Xu Xiang, reshaping the financial market order. Critical moment, and successfully won Xiao Jianhua, get rid of the risk.
Learn a total chess move, Trump served!