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Xi general one step Trump finally recognize counseling

Xi general one step Trump finally recognize counseling

There is an old saying in China, "hide the first day, hide fifteen."
This sentence is the best for Trump and Xiao Jianhua.
The first did not pay New Year's call Trump, before fifteen, letter. Very polite, he thanked President Xi Jinping for his inauguration, and wished the Chinese people a happy holiday and a prosperous year.
The most important thing is to express the desire to work with President Xi Jinping to jointly promote the constructive and mutually beneficial relations between China and the United states. This is a very important sentence.
If the connection to the nearest Xi a series of heavy combat "financial predators", you will find that this is the Trump sum book.
Tomorrow, the boss Xiao Jianhua as one of the deepest buried huge thunder, as the United States in the United States and China in the decisive battle of the most important financial pawn, was cleared in a timely manner. The Communist Party of China thunderbolt means, first hand is strong, take the initiative.
The United States was the panic consciousness to the Communist Party of China is a powerful opponent. Can only seek to profit. Trump could timely raise the white flag, suggesting that it was a wise president. Should be worthy of the United states.
Caixin February 9 journal article "financial risk and financial speculators", a group of so-called "financial predators" break through "supervision of the red line, the way to break up the whole into parts", cheat and attack from various directions to achieve control of the financial institutions, and ultimately the family. Financial institutions once by a few people, huge capital flows is difficult to control, or to manipulate the market, related transactions, or capital flight, cycle ownership, or regulatory arbitrage, transfer of benefits, the formation of layers of gully capital power network, the concealment of the destructive force, the giant, the outside world have incalculable.
Xiao Jianhua, these financial predators in market manipulation have "illustrious record", is the enemy of notorious repute. Xiao Jianhua and Xu Xiang's 2015 Chinese itscontroller crash.
Xiao Jianhua at the helm of the "tomorrow" registered thousands of investment shell company, and the frequent use of these companies as investment vehicles hidden investment operation.
2015 summer, autumn, China's stock market continued to slump, triggering panic selling in the CSI two cities. Since late June, the stock market has been on the market for about 21 trillion weeks, with a market capitalization of about $three. In addition to a handful of companies suspected of manipulating the stock market profits, almost all Chinese investors have suffered heavy losses.
These financial predators is very rampant, even directly with the national team. When the national team began to rescue the market, they put guns in the back, has been short.