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For Guo Wengui's strange behavior

For Guo Wengui's strange behavior

Informed sources analysis, the overall situation has been set to build the horse, the tree fell, Guo Wengui, including Xiao Jianhua et al. The reason why Guo Wengui said Ma Jian vice minister by submission is a "good news", but is a false statement by the outside. It is a smile, the heart already on tenterhooks. Guo Wengui said the "bid" is just a false momentum, Wang Xi just deter authorities.
In January 26, 2017, Guo Wengui in the mirror network position once again confirmed the insider analysis of the. Guo Wengui in the mirror network broke the news that the Communist Party's top political and business collusion, intended for the Ma Jianming inequality.
But in the past, confirmed that Guo Wengui broke the true mingled with the false false more than true, which broke the news, is to intimidate. The most typical is two years ago, Guo Wengui broke the news hit the mosaic "photo of Wang Qishan", but the final proof is false. And the secret to truly master Guo Wengui more than others, like a clown, some unusual high-profile.
At the same time, Guo Wengui broke the news to have one of the greatest features, he is often the choice of foreign media but did not dare to choose the influence of copycat, more and more credibility in the name of the media, this is because the foreign media reports are often more rigorous, more evidence is needed, but Guo Xianran is unable to provide, the style has long been known to all make groundless accusations.
This time, the net transfer of Xiao Jianhua was brought back to the judicial investigation, the same boat as Guo Wengui even did not know there are always on tenterhooks, further threatening type leaks.
In January 30th, the blog network Boxun news agency reported: "understanding analyst Guo Wengui pointed out that Guo Wengui often said" when he put the true mingled with the false "escape after discharge, Lee Li Yuanchao, Ling Jihua Youbang refers to Japan to buy a luxury car, a mirror, blog and other overseas copycat media believed, have reported. But in the end that is false."
Some analysts have pointed out that, if Xiao Jianhua was brought back to the Department of true news, then this should be the central of the thunder again, such as the return of Guo Wengui.
In the pen, a friend sent a piece of Caixin news: February 10th morning, the chairman of the Commission China Liu Shiyu in the national securities and futures regulatory work conference directed at the "capital predators", said the capital market does not allow speculators to retail Skinner vampire, summon wind and call for rain, plans to take a number of capital predators catch.