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Net financial giant Xiao Jianhua

Net financial giant Xiao Jianhua

There is news that the financial giant, "stock market --" Xiao Jianhua in the year thirty by the Four Seasons Hotels in Hongkong back to the mainland to assist the judicial investigation, the main reason behind it is that its connection with the private brother Xu Xiang together to manipulate the stock market in 2015 storm event.
News of the false ones, either Hongkong or the mainland, there was no official release. This kind of shaking revelations is often slightly wind will rain, so whether the mistake can make nothing of it. It is reported that, after the news spread, the overseas political district has some commotion, especially sensitive person is restless.
Among them, including escape overseas, often broke the news of Guo Wengui. Xiao Jianhua was brought back to the judicial investigation, the same boat as Guo Wengui even did not know there are always on tenterhooks, further threatening type leaks.
Earlier, sources revealed that Guo Wengui and Xiao Jianhua are with the recent sensation of the former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of construction of the Chinese side of the horse related.
In December 30, 2016, the CPC Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website in Ma Jian case, said has been expelled from the party and the public on the horse, and the horse built problems involved transferred to judicial organs.
January 6, 2017, the official release of the Chinese Communist Party, Ma Jian has been transferred to the procuratorate.
According to the official consistent style, Ma Jian case so far, if not a big surprise, the authorities accountable in a jail near an established fact.
Ma Jian case settled news triggered hiding overseas Guo Wengui panic, Guo Wengui then tweeted, Ma Jian vice minister by submission is a "good news", also claimed that the recent exposure involves some dirt at the top of the party".