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VOA's false report on Xiao Jianhua

VOA's false report on Xiao Jianhua

Recently, the voice of America reported that Xiao Jianhua, China's super rich fled Hong Kong was arrested back to the mainland with the investigation". Reported that in Hong Kong businessmen for several years, Chinese from "mysterious capital predators" said Xiao Jianhua Chinese, Lunar New Year's Eve by mainland with the mainland. Event triggered strong concern at home and abroad, some analysts said, Xiao Jianhua grasp too much of the party's top corruption secrets, authorities or worried about him to the media broke the news. Some analysts said, to take action against Xiao Jianhua, is actually a part of top with nineteen major secured dissident action.
I see this news, really feel it! VOA news media known as a worldwide, with the US government's official background, but ignoring the fact that make false reports so irresponsible, the credibility and authority of the lost.
Xiao Jianhua said in a statement released by the media: I think the Chinese government is a civilized government ruled by law, we do not misunderstand! I do not have been kidnapped back to the mainland.
At home and abroad with Chinese tainted glasses to see people, always love to China China government, law enforcement and law "China koumaozi", said what the mainland public security law enforcement, the mainland cross-border interference in Hongkong's rule of law and freedom, as everyone knows, from the person's own statement explains everything.
If the voice of America as a representative of a few media see China tainted glasses still does not believe that the facts of the case, Hongkong police say the total credibility!
Hongkong police commissioner Lu Weicong said that the public concern about the mainland businessman Xiao Jianhua suspected of being brought back to the mainland, he said the police had received the report but the next day she was Mrs., dismissed, not currently see the cross-border law enforcement situation. Lu Weicong stressed that the police are politically neutral, not for political purposes and law enforcement or law enforcement, after will also do more communication, let the public understand the work of the police.
I think that the Hongkong police force has always been steadfast, strict discipline, good image and quality of Hongkong in the eyes of the public, in the eyes of the masses is the basic law of the mainland and Hongkong legal guardian, their position, attitude to the law enforcement departments in the scope of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, in violation of the "basic law" of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region and the spirit of the rule of law will not happen.