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50 bucks start your own voip business

50 bucks start your own voip business

Become a VoIP Reseller with our Softswitch
Start your own VoIP company or add value to your existing services with our White Label VoIP Reseller platform.

As a 40gray reseller, you have the ability to completely brand your VoIP portal and settings giving you a Turn Key business model.

Our offer includes
- Class 5 Softswitch
- Your own logo
- Create and manage Users, SIP devices and Groups
- Receive payments directly from your customers
- Create destinations and rates
- Default User and SIP Trunk settings
- Multiple languages
- Wholesale & Retail business
- we provide you soft dialers which support iphone android symbian nokia
- no monthly fee

only 50 bucks you can start your own Voip business immediately

Please feel free to contact us. A free trial is waiting for you

Email: sales@40gray.com