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[轉貼] Wifi Defense 1.021 无线网络安全防护和监视工具

Wifi Defense 1.021 无线网络安全防护和监视工具

軟件名稱: Wifi Defense
軟件版本: 1.021
軟件大小: 6.5MB
軟件功能: 網路監控
下載方式: http

SpyderSoft Wi-Fi Defense (TM) was conceived with mainstream it, not consuming technique in mind,
still is strong the sufficient to offer security to the benefits, exactly the most advanced user.

The technology detects all the devices in the net, identifying supplies information to help to the
proprietor, of each assignment as friend or enemy, without discontinuities and locks low of the
net allowing that only approved devices. Adding a new device or to allow that a visitor to adhere
to the net is also an easy task, and of the application it assures that you it keeps a net blocked
for low. In all the moments, SpyderSoft Wi-Fi Defense (TM) continues to detect new a deep one to
digitalizar and/or not authorized devices.