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How many times had u fallen in love ?


How many times had u fallen in love ?


I start a very exciting and interesting topic.

would u here share ur experience to us ?(or to me?)

OK! Let me talk about my experience first.  

It's so boring that I have almost forgotten the name and face the man has.

(maybe I should say 'boy' , because he is three years old younger than me)

Although this is a bad and boring memory , this is my only one experience that I have up to now.

We knew each other in school , I had no special feeling about him when we started contact that time.

Why did I accept ? Maybe our classmates are the cause of the contact.

You know , always someone is boring in school (and beside u )

They (the classmates) saw I was single and the same he was, so they thought about many chances to urge us.

So...u may know what thing happen after, yes, he became the first boyfriend to me.

Although we had many happy memories , we have many different thoughts on every parts.

He is so naive that I cannot talk about my work to him, because he cannot understand why I feel sad or angry of my work.

I think I need my boyfriend to understand my feelings.

Haha...sorry to type too much.

Thank you for ur attention and patience.'s ur turn !

  • paohenlee 經驗 +20 thanx for sharing ^_^ 2008-10-17 21:34
  • paohenlee 金幣 +20 thanx for sharing ^_^ 2008-10-17 21:34


this IS really an interesting topic
thanx for sharing~  

haha.. i think you are asking a very tricky question!
hum... u are asking in the topic "how many times we had FALLEN IN LOVE"
or.. do u want to know how many boyfriend/girlfriend we had before

hehe.. because.. in your story.. it doesn't look like you have fallen in love with this 'boy'


What a smart henlee !
I really don't like my first boyfriend.
My topic makes u feel puzzled ?
haha, take it easy. I am inquisitive.
I don't think all experiences that everyone makes boyfriends/girlfriends get happy ending.
Sometimes we don't really fall in love but get a lover.
Maybe I just want to know....Someone has the same experience as me ?
By the way, I also want to know the cause of ur failure in love, sure, if u don't reject to share it here.


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well.. to tell the truth.. i only had 1 gf for these years..
and.. the first girl that i suppose tobe going out with.. was like a joke

long distance + we were both very young = disaster
so.. i guess i don't realy have a love story to share with u..


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Very sorry to hear ur story, henlee,
but I still thank you for ur sharing!

May these stories be the common wisdom to encourage ourselves !


Falling into love can always refresh my sleeping soul every time.
It’s a little difficult to tell my love stories for all.

Just would like to share the wonderful feeling when you were in love
and encourage everyone to seek your true love in your life.

Only when you have deeply loved, you would realize the beauty of life.

Go ahead, guys!!
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hum.. very true guys!

sounded like everyone here had been through some deep relationships
haha.. this topic is too deep for me


Sorry to start this topic....
Let us think about happy things~
Throw the blues away~


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don't be sorry la
its just me don't have deep thoughts like you guys



No blue, no bright !!

If there was no blue in your life, you won't realize how bright
is so shining and sweet. Never try to get rid of thinking your
sad memory. That would bring you to the heaven at last.
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