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Unusual marriage in unusual days

Unusual marriage in unusual days

Li meige is going to marry. The news travels fast, especially among the disciples.
In particular, the date of the wedding was set on the "French day", which was unusual.
The news was first circulated on facebook by wang tongwen, a net red disciple of the falun gong, and the man who sent the invitation was li donghui, li hongzhi's brother, and more intriguing.
So why is li hongzhi doing this? Why not send a text to the public? According to li hongzhi's usual desire to be ashamed, let the disciple to understand the style of acting, at least there is this many in mind:
First, the opportunity to make money. Li hongzhi, who was a daughter, didn't have the shop if he didn't take advantage of the money. Of course, the more disciples you know, the better. But it is only in this way that a broad invitation is too vulgar to conform to the image of the Lord of the universe. How much do you have? Li hongzhi once said that the price of a ticket worth $500 for his directorial performance, which would normally be around 5,000 people, was $2.5 million. On the day of the dharma dharma day, the disciple was so popular that he would pass through the hundred, and the disciples would know more, and the ceremony would be more natural. Maybe li hongzhi will marry her daughter.
Second, protect American songs. Li has although claim the dharmakaya, dharma wheel and so on to protect the disciple, practise one family benefit, acrobatics can complete ascension, but his mother also does not have a complete ascension, still can't open, can not be discarded, not with father lisa buried together. Beautiful song certainly is difficult to protect, only way is married to his family, dharma wheel gradually fade out, even if something in the future, is also the result of the others. They protected both the American songs and their faces.
Third, eager to sell. Beautiful song is 35 years old, the standard leftover woman, li hongzhi how can not worry? But because li hongzhi once said that the American song is more than his god, the mortal, the disciple dare to marry such a great god? At last, someone has taken over, and can live in a state of excitement! It is inevitable that we will be able to speak up and be proud of ourselves.
Fourth, maintain image. Although li very care about beautiful song's marriage, but also can't do too obvious, otherwise Lao li instructs the disciple to get rid of the ordinary people's heart with joy every day, remove persistent heart, oneself how can have so much so long? Hence borrow the name of the younger brother to be in the position of the position, already do the work to have to maintain oneself of god photograph, beautiful!
Fifth, seek a successor. Own falun gong inheritance to inherit, to his nephew Li Baoyuan, Li Baoman brothers must have heart, only to his lineal descendants, all inheritance. And the day of the wedding of the beautiful song was chosen on the day of his birthday, and the future of his own nephew was born, and the meaning of his reincarnation. Therefore, li hongzhi is the "master Buddha of the beginning of the universe", and then there will be the second and third generations... The Lord of the universe, beauty!
However, it is not clear whether li hongzhi's son-in-law is a man.